Tinder Wingman 2.0

What’s really stopping you from a Tinder Hookup TONIGHT?

A Proven system for getting 2+ Tinder Dates a week… for guys who want to spend less time messaging and more time hooking up - no matter what they look like.  


Why aren't you getting Tinder dates regularly?  

  • Are you a boring guy?
  • Are you not attractive enough?
  • Are you tired of long, boring conversations that go nowhere?
  • Are you just not the kind of guys women on Tinder go for?
  • Does it just take too long to send messages that don't get responded back?
  • Are there even any quality women on Tinder?  

These are EXACT same questions I asked myself when I was struggling to get matches, let alone dates, let alone fun casual sex on a near daily basis…!


Ever thought this to yourself? Afterall, you’re not...  

> An Instagram model. > A millionaire with two lamborghinis. > A celebrity with his own Netflix series.  

What if I were to tell you that success on Tinder is NOT about those things? What if.... 

  • What if you could regularly get 2 Tinder dates a week set up in less than 20 minutes?
  • What if you could do that without ever using weird copy pasted lines?
  • What if the women you were meeting on Tinder were attractive and intelligent?
  • What if you always felt 100% confident on what to say next on Tinder?
  • What if you always knew the right moment to ask her out?
  • What if you could make all this happen no matter who you are, what your background is, or what you look like?  

Tinder Wingman will make those “what if’s” a reality.


Ready to get 2+ dates a week??


Tinder Wingman is your ONE chance to bypass years of trial and error on Tinder and start attractive the kind of women you want in your life… TODAY.  

There’s no risk, and it’s as easy as… well, swiping right.  

Our proven 52-week system will give you a dating life that you could only imagine.  


Imagine the feeling of having your Calendar so BOOKED with women from Tinder than you have to start double, or even TRIPLE booking?

Imagine the feeling of traveling to other cities, or countries, and meeting with cool locals who can show you around as soon as you land… and then land up in their bedroom?  

Imagine the feeling of experiencing any kind of woman you want for that day: Thin, curvy, large, white, black, asian, geeky, sporty, blonde, brunette… YOU are the one who choses.  

Imagine the feeling of meeting a woman so amazing on Tinder that you just can’t let her go… and you have a girlfriend who deeply loves you for YOU.  

Imagine the feeling of using Tinder to set up threesoms or dates for you and your girlfriend to enjoy…  

Stop imagining. Tinder Wingman shows you exactly how to do all of this. And the best part; it’s relatable. I’m a 5’6, overweight & balding guy who lives in his parents house. If I can do all of this... you KNOW you can too.  


With Tinder Wingman you’ll see our REAL Tinder and Text Conversations. Just like us, you’ll be able to….

  • Get a date on Tinder without ever exchanging phone numbers.
  • Organize a threesome using Tinder.
  • Meet up the same night that you match.
  • Transform a Flake into a Fling.
  • Massage girls with NO bio and with BORING pictures.
  • Get dates with girls who STOP responding for weeks/months.
  • Overcome her objections and shit tests every single time.
  • Get a second date after the first via texting.
  • Make girls chase after you and invite YOU out for the first date.
  • Find our no-stress way to get her to send flirty pictures...
  • Set up something more serious or just friends with benefits.
  • Increase your 1st message response rate by up to 50%.
  • Using Tinder while Traveling so you can get laid… before you even arrive.
  • Show her your real personality so she LOVES you on your date.
  • We have specific examples and videos of everything here and way, WAY more...  

We show your our UNCUT and FULL Successful Tinder convos, broken down LINE BY LINE so you can model what works and steal our REAL reference experience. 

"The coaches at Zirby are like-minded. It’s very rare to find a group of people you are truly like-minded with. Thanks to Zirby, I was suddenly going on dates with very attractive women who I normally don’t go out with."

- Malama

The Tinder Wingman System

2 hookups a week is just the starting point.

We have just one goal in mind: teach you to get results with your Online Dating. Whatever “results” you want. Tinder Wingman will show you exactly how.  

As you go through the Tinder Wingan system you’ll learn in days what it takes Tinder Experts years to figure out.

As a Tinder Wingman member you’ll receive…


(a $480/year value)  

Each week, for 30 weeks, you’ll get a new Tinder Breakdown so you can asorb all the reference experiences from our team of real experts.

  • We’ll break down the conversations line by line so you understand why we said what we said, and why she reacted the way she did.
  • Core principle in each Breakdown so you know how to incorporate it into your own Tinder / Texting skills.
  • Get unshakeable confidence in not just Tinder, but OkCupid, Feeld (that threesom app!), Badoo, Coffee Meets bagel and even your texting. We have specific examples of all.
Each week you’ll get a new Tinder Breakdown so you will absorb all the reference experiences from our team of real experts. | Zirby Tinder Wingman


Click the play button to experience one of our Tinder breakdowns.

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(a $9,600/year value)  

Ever wish you could get help on your profile? Or get feedback on your Tinder messages?  

  • You keep switching your profile photos, but you're not getting any matches.
  • A girl ghosts on you mid conversation. How do you get her attention back?
  • You’ve been talking with her for awhile but you just can’t seem to lock down the date.  

With special access to Right Swipe Club, your posts will be first in line to be reviewed on our LIVE streams over in our private Facebook community - Own Your Online Dating, with thousands of like-minded guys just like you.

No matter what you need help with, you can post into the group anytime.

Post your screenshots, your profile, your questions. We will review it on our next live stream.


(a $1,000/year value)

We have accummlated years of videos, webinars, and Q&A's and saved it all up in one place just for you. We broke down easy to follow system to shape up and ship out your online dating profile, messages, and strategies that will guide you to feel confident with every message you send. 

"My success with women dramatically increased when I finally started learning from a mentor, and the awesome Tinder Wingman community. I was learning exactly what to do and what to fix without sacrificing what makes me, me."

- Arafat

Meet Marc, one of the Zirby coaches.

I got really lucky.

Growing up, I never dated much. I was morbidly obese, shy, and I moved to over 6 states during high school without my family.

After being transplanted over and over, and never feeling like I “fit in” I found it was easier to just stop meeting new people and sink myself into an online MMORPG.

I didn’t go out with friends. I didn’t pick up any hobbies. I didn’t focus in school. I took the easy way out. And then, something amazing happened.

On that MMORPG I met a girl, and we fell in love. I found the love and security that my life didn’t have. Suddenly I went from being too nervous to even look at a girl to being in a serious relationship. 

And then, I ended up getting a scholarship to one of the best schools in the country. I went from a guy that had nothing, to having everything - without ever working for anything. Absolute luck.

She even flew down to prom to meet me, and it was one of the best days of my life…

But my Luck ran out…

Having never learning the right skill set through dating lots of girls before her, I sabotaged the relationship.

By the end of my Sophomore year at college - our relationship ended with her flying to the other side of the world and me worse off than where I had started.

So, I became depressed, for years.

I didn’t take full advantage of school. I didn’t go to the amazing parties. And I pissed off all my roommates by staying up late playing more online MMORPGS.

I realized that I wasn’t going to get lucky again.

Changes had to be made, and lost time had to be made up.

And changes happened.

Slowly but surely, I made changes. It was a terrible, long, and lonely process.

I faced rejection constantly.

I went through endless trial and error.

And I always felt like I was taking two steps forward and three steps back.

But little by little, year by year, I started feeling more confident. I was starting to get bigger results.

Standing on my own two feet.

Then, I applied for a job at one of the biggest & most success men’s dating company in the world - And, I got the job. 

They were living the lifestyle most guys can only dream of… all without taking advantage of women.

To say it was an eye opening experience would be an understatement. From blind to X-ray vision. I started helping guys from all over the world lock down their dating life.

I then partnered with one of the most successful dating coaches, and spent my weekends traveling across the United States helping even more guys in person.

The founding of Zirby

Looking forward, it was time to spread my own wings. 

I founded Zirby with a partner to help guys locked down their dating lives without giving up their integrity.

The team has expanded to 6 members, including 4 online dating experts (Thijs, Julius, Coale, Tony) that are carefully screened, evaluated, and reevaluated to make sure our advice is always the best advice out there.

And now, I’m so excited to meet you within Tinder Wingman 2.0.



"After a week, I definitely knew Zirby was a sweet better deal than any other dating product out there. And unlike other products, Tinder Wingman is personalized, so it helped in a significant way. I got results almost instantly because the coaches are very experienced, and they even helped me get into my first relationship.

I learned dating techniques in a “non fuckboy fashion” - essentially being authentic, yet still having a roadmap. No cheesy techniques. Quite literally, every aspect of Tinder Wingman has been perfect for me."

- Richard

Who is Tinder Wingman for?

To be frank, Tinder Wingman is not for most guys.

Because most guys want the “easy way out” with scripted lines and vulgar pick up lines. And there are plenty of programs that promise just that.

They don’t want a proven system that shows you how to get multiple Tinder Dates a week without being someone you’re not because that takes a real investment of time.

Tinder Wingman is NOT for you if... 

  • You want false promises and copy pasted lines. You’re not committed to making long lasting changes
  • You want to be a professional “Pick Up Artist” or feel like the value of a man is determined by the number of women he’s been with. That mentality doesn’t go far in life - and even less far in this program.
  • You only want to take value from the community and not give back. We only let in a small number of users and strive to make our community seriously helpful. We only want members that contribute to that.
  • You want to be spoon fed lines. Sorry, we’re not your high-school drama teachers. 

Tinder Wingman is PERFECT for you if... 

  • You haven’t had all that much success with Online Dating and want to get your skillset off the ground.
  • You’ve already get some matches and date but want more consistency.
  • You know that there’s a better way to get online dating results without resorting to pick up lines, memorizing routines, or being creepy online - but are sick of fruitless trial and error.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the different online dating strategies out there and want a simplified system that just works.
  • You learn best from actual examples rather than just theory. You know that what separates big wings from plateaus is reference experience.
  • You know that being able to share your Tinder convos with experts would give you the tool set and confidence to rapidly learn.
  • You like to figure things out on your own but have a mentor who can guide you to the right answers without giving them all away. 

I was the shy kid in who played World of Warcraft all day instead of socialising. I’ve tried countless programs that all promised very lofty goals (guaranteed to get a girlfriend, more sex, etc) and it never led me to those results, even though I'd try so damn hard.

Finally, I stumbled across Zirby’s Tinder Wingman, and it stood out to me.

Their dating advice was refreshing because it was a much more natural and genuine than the usual manipulation/tricks/quick solutions out there. 

The fear I always have with pulling the trigger with products like this is that someone is taking advantage of me, and capitalizing on my desire and my drive to figure out this part of my life.

But, I didn't get that feeling with Tinder Wingman and worst case scenario, I could always cancel my subscription. So, I gave it a shot. If you're reading this, you've seen testimonials like this before and you've seen all of the flashy promises that everyone says. 

What I loved about Zirby is that they had a very simple message that they've always delivered on - no bullshit, no fake promises, no teases that make it seem like the only way you'll ever be successful is to buy some nonsense; just solid and straightforward advice from Marc who have the reference experience to back up their ideas. 

It gave me the confidence to hold my ground and learn from trying new things out that I never would've thought of on my own. 

I noticed I was getting better results almost immediately. With how many dating gurus I've investigated and researched, I was skeptical to try out the advice Marc and the Zirby Team gave, but was actually amazed at how well it worked. 

The quality of my matches on Tinder has gone significantly up ever since I tried a few of the tips out. In fact, I've actually just started seeing regularly a beautiful college girl from that very live webinar! 

As I've stated before, I'm a very direct person and the no-bullshit tone of Zirby’s Tinder Wingman was incredibly refreshing. They offer honest and solid strategy in a way that I haven't come across yet with my dating journey, and I want to continue going through the program and to see where it takes me. 


Join a Community of Guys who are Getting Success with Online Dating


Ready to get 2+ dates a week?


Putting It Together.

Tinder Wingman members report back that only after two weeks they are seeing real results. After a few months, they report back that they feel overwhelemed with too many dates.

In two weeks from now, what would Tinder Wingman be worth to you? What about six months from now?

What if you met the perfect girl for you who made you unconditionally happy - or if you were living a life with an abundance of attractive and intelligent women because you took the small step to try Tinder Wingman, risk free. What would Tinder Wingman be worth to you, then?

  • Each week you’ll receive a new Tinder Breakdown video for 30 weeks. Other companies charge up to $40 a month for old exclusive video content & you lose access to everything after your subscription ends!
  • You’ll also have access to our Tinder Content Library of past Webinars & Q&A's. You can expect to pay as high as $1,000 for a similar course program. 
  • Our Right Swipe Club, is something else ENTIRELY. The truth is, there is nothing else like this out there. Why? Other companies want you to buy their products then forget you. Not Zirby.
  • But for the sake of putting it all together, let’s consider this similar to an One hour individual Skype call with a coach every week. This would be about $200 per session x 4 = $800 in a month alone.

Already, we’re up to $10,080 a year in “hard value.” This also doesn’t include the bonuses and access to our exclusive content archive. 

  • Weekly Videos (a $480/year value).
  • Tinder Content Library (a $1,000/year value)
  • Right Swipe Club (a $9,600/year value).  

$11,080 a year.

But, you already know that I’m not going to charge you $11,080 a year. We created it to be accessible for everyone who is looking for more Tinder matches, better Tinder convos and more dates as a result.

So what if you could get the entire Wingman package with…

Weekly Videos, a $480 value - free & included.

Tinder Content Library, a $1,000 value - free & included.

Right Swipe Club, a $9,600 value - free & included.

 And EVEN how about we give you lifetime access?

That’s right, Lifetime access to Tinder Wingman with all of the above benefits and bonuses for an one-time payment of only $279.97.

That’s 95% off Tinder Wingman's actual value!  

And if you’re limited on cash, we’ve got you covered. We put together a 6-month payment plan that will give you the same full, lifetime access, to Tinder Wingman 2.0 for $59.97 for the first month, then $69.97 for each month, for 5 installments.

Here’s why lifetime matters:  

The cost of Tinder Wingman is only going to go up - no matter if you decide to take a month, year, or longer break.  

No matter if you meet the right girl, and you find out she’s not so right after all…  

No matter if you need to shake the rust off and refresh.  

No matter what, you’ll be able to return to Tinder Wingman 2.0 and just as quickly hop into bed with your next netflix and chill…

Ready to get 2+ dates a week?



Save $111 with One-Time payment of $297.97 Or $59.97 for the first month, then $69.97 for each month, for 5 installments

  • 30 Weekly Uncut Online Dating Breakdown Videos
  • FREE Access to Right Swipe Club
  • Tinder Content Library with webinars & Q&As
  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access & Free Updates

(Total Value $11,080) Included in Tinder Wingman 2.0  


I was the epitome of a "Nice Guy", only having one girlfriend who ultimately left me due to my nice guy ways.

I decided to start working on my social skills and actually found myself improving. When I heard about Zirby’s Tinder Wingman, I was hesitant because it seemed unnecessary. Being a subscriber of a dating product was just something I’d never consider doing.

I decided to make the jump into Tinder Wingman anyway, because I figured I had nothing really to lose. I also knew the guys behind Zirby were experienced, so I wanted to tap into that insight.

After only one month in, I was getting better results, because I was taking their advice to heart.

Texting was my weak point and thanks to Tinder Wingman I started getting more women invested through my improved texting. This mean I was going on more dates.

What was really cool is I was also able to see my mistakes as soon as I made them, because the Tinder Wingman videos were teaching me what to look for. Before, I would have just missed those mistakes and keep making them again and again.

I learned how to be more calibrated on dates with my physicality as well as my words, how to have more memorable and fun dates. Thanks to Zirby, I was suddenly going on dates with very attractive women who I normally wasn’t able to go out with.

As far as Tinder, I improved greatly. I got more responses as well as dates with higher quality women. I finally feel like I am able to convey my personality and humor a lot better via texting and online.

The guys at Zirby are like-minded which is the main reason why I stay as a subscriber. It’s very rare to find a group of people you are truly like-minded with.

As a result I have a much healthier mindset when it comes to dating as well as my own time and energy. I think that's what I like the most - the new healthier mindset and attitude I have now in life has helped me get through some huge personal obstacles.

Zirby has indefinitely added a lot of value to my life and I highly recommend anyone to at least give it a shot.

- Malama

We’re the best out there.

And we stand by that. So here’s the deal: cancel within the first 14 days for a 100% money back guarentee, no bullshit, no sales. 

It takes you doing the work, trying things that scare you and trusting in the system. And if you hate our advice? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right. 


Ready to get 2+ dates a week?


Your results from Tinder Wingman may vary from other students. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time available, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, or results, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. This program takes time, effort and dedication. We believe we have provided you the tools to achieve your desired results.